Our Units

Customer Service

This unit is responsible for providing our valued customers with the smoothest possible service quality at the soonest possible time. It is working as a liaison between customers, the company’s other units, and our principal lines. Its main job is to make sure customers remain fully satisfied with our performance and services.


Preparation and issuance of correct and complete documents required by relative organizations (port, customs, etc.), customers, and business partners are the main duties of this unit. Moreover, it consists of sections such as “Equipment Control” and “Damage and Claims”. 


One of the main responsibilities of this unit is to organize and execute operational affairs related to vessels and containers under our agency management and supervising our terminal operator.

Accounting and Administration 

Rendering accurate and timely receipt/payment services to customers and principal lines/agents, as well as recoding bank accounts transactions, tax affairs bookkeeping, statistics reporting to the management, and business partners, are some of the duties of this unit. Moreover, it is responsible for payroll preparation, personnel affairs, updating and organizing licenses, contracts, memberships, powers of attorney, and other official company documents.


Obviously, the company’s engine which is continuously run and maintained by other units needs fuel supply. This is when our sales team shows up and acts. So, last but not least of our company’s units is our motivated and assertive sales force.

Career opportunities

The more we expand our services and network, the more we need qualified and committed colleagues who join our team in our journey. 

What do we offer to our employees?

  • The chance to join an actively progressing company to have a better life;
  • The promise of working in a healthy and friendly environment that brings employees’ peace of mind and well-being;
  • The possibility of growth in an international working network that brings them easy mobility;
  • Training programs to shape their skills and uplift their qualification level;
  • A delegation-oriented management style that gives employees the self-esteem they need to build their future.

Our Human Resources Policy 

An employee of FARMAD should be:

  • Punctual and precise
  • Sharp and eager to know more
  • Physically and emotionally flexible
  • Capable of handling difficult working situations
  • Ready to suggest improvement methods and solve problems
  • Easy to interact with other colleagues in an international working environment 
  • Fluent in English and familiar with Office software at a certain required level 

Want to apply for a job?

If you believe you are matching the requirements mentioned in “Our Human Resources Policy”, please click on the below button to send your job request, along with your resume (CV) and unit of interest, so that we can contact you whenever there is a vacancy.