Bill of Lading

A bill of lading or waybill is a contract covering the carriage of goods.
It recognizes the parties involved in the contract (carrier, shipper, merchant), what is being carried (goods), and key voyage information (vessel, route).

The B/L:

  • Evidences the carriage contract between carrier and shipper
  • Represents the goods being carried by the carrier
  • Proves that the goods have been received by the carrier 

Finally, it contains the terms and conditions governing carriage of the goods, describing the rights and responsibilities of each party.

FARMAD Standard Bill of Lading Terms & Conditions

RECEIVED by the Carrier from the shipper in apparent good order and condition (unless otherwise mentioned herein) the total number or quantity of Containers or other package types or units indicated in the box opposite entitled “Total Number of Containers/Packages Received by the Carrier” for Carriage subject to all the terms and conditions hereof from the Place of Receipt or Port of Loading to the Port of Discharge or Place of Delivery, whichever is applicable. IN ACCEPTING THIS BILL OF LADING THE MERCHANT EXPRESSLY ACCEPTS AND AGREES TO ALL THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, WHETHER PRINTED, STAMPED OR OTHERWISE INCORPORATED ON THIS SIDE AND ON THE REVERSE SIDE OF THIS BILL OF LADING AND THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE CARRIER’S APPLICABLE TARIFF AS IF THEY WERE ALL SIGNED BY THE MERCHANT. If this is a negotiable (To Order / of) Bill of Lading, one original Bill of Lading, duly endorsed must be surrendered by the Merchant to the Carrier (together with outstanding Freight) in exchange for the Goods or a Delivery Order. If this is a non-negotiable (straight) Bill of Lading, the Carrier shall deliver the Goods or issue a Delivery Order (after payment of outstanding Freight) against the surrender of one original Bill of Lading or in accordance with the national law at the Port of Discharge or Place of Delivery whichever is applicable. IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Carrier or their Agent has signed the number of Bills of Lading stated at the top, all of this tenor and date, and wherever one original Bill of Lading has been surrendered all other Bills of Lading shall be void.